girl plays with hair and phone while waits for movie to load

15 players. Finished 18 days, 18 hours ago

girl plays with hair and phone while waits for movie to load


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Still have not figured out how this old school phone works.


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Stop thinking your old phone has a touchscreen!!! It doesn't


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someone thinks old Nokia phone has touch screen


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Pushing the Nokia Panic Button!


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How people communicated in prehistory.


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caveman drawing on the cave's wall


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Caveman drawing on cave wall with a piece of coal


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CaptainSloose 18 days, 18 hours ago

hahah this one made me laugh

SirDoyle 17 days, 23 hours ago

Nokia? Prehistory? MAN! I'm gettin' old!!!

Sinus 17 days, 22 hours ago

I still use an old mobile phone without touchscreen.

frozenbanana 17 days, 21 hours ago

SirDoyle Naybe I exaggerated a little bit :P. I used that kind of phone myself ;).

GustoPeck 17 days, 16 hours ago

Remember playing Snake? lol...

AuntTP 6 days, 17 hours ago

Really enjoyed this game 👏👍👏👍👏👍👏

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