A man talking to a tree

15 players. Finished 18 days, 15 hours ago

A man talking to a tree


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Saying hi to a tree


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Hi mr tree


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City girl on a nature walk greets a tree politely


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A lady talking to a tree


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Blonde in blue dress greets leafless oak while resting on it


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girl talking to oak tree


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Dancing in front of a magical tree


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Breadmower 8 months, 12 days ago

Surprised by the art styles? This was a special ifxIRL game where players could upload pictures that they drew in real life, instead of drawing in the game. Find out more on the website at

JaredTheJeweler 15 days, 0 hours ago

Sinus what electronic device did you tear apart for those resistors? Cool idea!

Sinus 14 days, 22 hours ago

JaredTheJeweler Some years ago I had an Advent calendar with electronic parts behind each door (breadboard, wire, LEDs, resistors, ...) and instructions what you can build with these parts each day. I put these parts in a box in case I need them again. The tree trunk is the stem of an apple I ate just before creating this.

JaredTheJeweler 14 days, 20 hours ago

Awesome, I miss advent calendars

Breadmower 13 days, 8 hours ago

[Scribbles on bit of paper: "Note to self - make Interference advent calendar for next year"]

Amber Hopkins 13 days, 6 hours ago

Cool idea!

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